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Fact Of The Day – 13th July 2019

Research indicates that although there is no clear and consistent connection between the amount of harm done and the emotional frustration leading to the incident of self-harm. However there is evidence that continued emotional repression can increase the severity of incidents over time. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 12th July 2019

Although the relationship between self-harm and suicide is not fully understand, research from several countries has shown that self-harm rates tend to rise and fall around the same time as suicide rates. However whether this reflects the relationship between the two or simply the national moods of those countries is debated. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 12th July 2019

Although you shouldn’t really dwell on past successes anymore than you should on past defeats, try to keep yourself good at the things which you could do well in the past. While we shouldn’t dwell on the past it can be extremely helpful for living the happiest life possible to extract what you can from it. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 11th July 2019

Although abuse and isolation are known to be major risk-factors for developing self-harm tendencies, multiple issues which an individual is struggling to process seems to be a more common trend among self-harming individuals, however they are not always aware themselves of these issues. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 10th July 2019

Its often recognised that the best works of fiction include trace amounts of comedy for added realism. This is because it genuinely reflects reality that way healthy people permit themselves to use humour when they are feeling down, remind people this if they ever give out to you for doing so. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 9th July 2019

Try not to plan too much over planning can lead to a lot of stress when plans fail or backfire. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make plans, you definitely should as not planning will cause you issues as well the key is planning the things in your life efficiently. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 9th July 2019

Contrary to earlier research which theorised self-harm was most common among those who were dominated by their emotion, the best and latest research suggests that most individuals who self-harm are difficult to identify because they look like everyone else, and they tend to be particularly likeable and intelligent. Read more →