Author: Lee

“The behavior tends to surface in adolescence. And is found in both genders. Since decade 2000 SH has exploded in the general population. The behavior is now common place in middle and high schools, and universities in otherwise high functioning individuals.” – Barent Walsh Ph.D, an interview on her self harm research

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” – John C. Maxwell

Tip Of The Day – 16th March 2018

Close your eyes and visualize yourself on vacation, far away from your stress. If you love the beach, for example, picture yourself walking at your favorite time of the day, barefoot along the shore, feeling the cool breeze across your face, listening to the waves coming and going, watching the sea gulls fly, picking up sea shells. Read more →

“Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.” – Herbert Spencer