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Fact Of The Day – 9th January 2018

Psychologists find it very difficult to find reliable numbers regarding self harm due to the amount of people who convince themselves into thinking they cannot trust healthcare profffessional workers such as doctors. This makes it difficult to help both these individuals and others suffering from the same behaviour due to difficulties learning about the behaviour. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 8th January 2018

Although self-harmers can not always explain their reasons, psychologists believe that virtually all self-harm is caused by one of for motivations. These are the need to change the emotional state, the need to express something they feel they are not able to otherwise, the need to control something in their life’s themselves, and the need to punish themselves. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 5th January 2017

Although any link that there may be between self-harm and suicide is not yet understoood, the estimated amount of self-harmer in American may be up to thirty times the amount of attempted suicides per year. This clearly shows that self-harm is much more common. Read more →