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Fact Of The Day – 20th January 2018

Although genetics may contribute to the risk of psychological factors such as anxiety or depression, which can lead to self-harm, the link between genetics and self-harm in otherwise healthy patients is considered to be largely inconclusive. This may mean that everyone is at risk of developing the behaviour under certain circumstances. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 16th January 2018

While in general terms self-harm’s desired affects are achieved by the least physical harm possible, the risks of infection, accidental mistakes, and intentional extreme acts, as well as the considerable guilt, stress, and anxiety caused by it are considered by most psychologists to be the major risk factors. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 15th January 2018

Psychologists have divided self harm into three sub-categories: moderate, stereotypic and major. Moderate self harm is the likes of cutting, burning, and stabbing; stereotypic is the likes of head banging and arm biting; major is the likes of limb amputation and castration. Read more →

Fact Of The Day – 13th January 2018

There is a significant difference in psychology between those who self harm when they get completely overwhelmed and those who self-harm with a level of ceremony, unfortunately the first one, know as episodic self harm, is known to lead to the second of these, which is known as repetitive self harm. Read more →