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“The day I’d first cut myself, a switch in my head had been flicked. Instead of feeling horror, I felt nothing, and although I no longer want to hurt myself, my episodes of self-harm still felt normal for me in a way. I’d sometimes forget it still shocked other people.” – Ditto

“My skin is like a map
of where my heart has been
And I can’t hide the marks
It’s not a negative thing.” – Unknown

“Not everyone who self-injures was or is abused as a child or adult. Often, self-injury is triggered by chronic invalidation, which means you’re constantly told by others and/or by yourself that your ideas, feelings, and concerns are wrong or bad.” – Unknown

“Being angry is not the same as being upset or hurt. It’s worse and can do more damage.” – Unknown

“I want to kill myself, but I don’t want to die, does that make sense?” – Unknown

“The blood runs slow and cold down my arm,
I cry myself to sleep,
I wish this pain wasn’t surfacing and I wish reality was just a dream”
– unknown/

“Search my body, but what you find, is nothing compared to the scars in my mind.” – Unknown

“My head was full of wild ambitious urges to hurt myself. I tasted the ambrosia of maddened impulse. I wanted my interior pain out in my body somehow. I wanted this vague pain to be specific. That’s how I explain it.” – Charles Baxter

“Some days, it was enough just to know that I had a packet of blades in the house. They were a cold, very sharp, security blanket.” – Victoria Leatham

“I know that cutting was my defense against an internal chaos, against a sense of a world out of my control. What I can’t tell you is where that chaos came from, what exact balance of factors blew up in the maelstrom of my mind.” – Caroline Kettlewell, Skin Game