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Tip Of The Day – 4th March 2018

It is important to forgive yourself for your history of self-harm, while maintaining focusing on overcoming it. If you don’t forgive yourself for becoming reliant on it you will likely struggle to overcome it, most probably for feelings of ‘not being better than it’. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 26th February 2018

For alot of us it is second nature to go around in circles waiting for things to happen. Life becomes alot more fun when you start taking action and acting spontaneously. Interestingly acting with more spontaneity often helps to avoid feelings of anxiety. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 25th February 2018

There is evidence after an experiment done in the University of Georgia which suggests that self-control (and also lack of self control) is contagious. Try to make a mental note of people who you can look up to as examples and role-models. You can use these people as your future inspiration next time you need something to give you an… Read more →