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Tip Of The Day – 16th July 2019

Stress and anxiety and the other emotions that lead to or cutting require energy while this can be a bad thing it also presents an opportunity. Much like how your body can warm itself up to make itself inhospitable to germs and viruses, you can intentionally drain yourself of energy through physical or mental energy in order to make yourself… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 15th July 2019

Try some laughter yoga before going to bed. Having this release just before going to sleep will help your mind to give you pleasant dreams, thanks to the same mechanic that makes it a bad idea to watch a scary movie or creepy documentary before going to bed. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 12th July 2019

Although you shouldn’t really dwell on past successes anymore than you should on past defeats, try to keep yourself good at the things which you could do well in the past. While we shouldn’t dwell on the past it can be extremely helpful for living the happiest life possible to extract what you can from it. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 10th July 2019

Its often recognised that the best works of fiction include trace amounts of comedy for added realism. This is because it genuinely reflects reality that way healthy people permit themselves to use humour when they are feeling down, remind people this if they ever give out to you for doing so. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 9th July 2019

Try not to plan too much over planning can lead to a lot of stress when plans fail or backfire. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make plans, you definitely should as not planning will cause you issues as well the key is planning the things in your life efficiently. Read more →