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Tip Of The Day – 26th November 2017

It is important to actually practice techniques that you feel may help you to beat self-harm; even though some of you may shy away from doing so for a number of complex reasons. Doing so is often the second step to beating self-harm after admitting to yourself that doing so is a problem or mistake. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 24th November 2017

It may be helpful for some of you if you try and use the same technique each time self-harm is becoming tempting. This is because self-harm, because it is addictive and can feel deceptively effective in the short term, easily becomes a habit. It is much easier to replace a habit with another rather than purely overcome it. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 20th October 2017

It is important to forgive yourself for your history of self-harm, while maintaining focusing on overcoming it. If you don’t forgive yourself for becoming reliant on it you will likely struggle to overcome it, most probably for feelings of ‘not being better than it’. Read more →