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Tip Of The Day – 6th November 2019

As we approach the winter celebration period, assuming this time of year helps put you in a good mood, it may be wise to surround yourself with reminders of the happiness this time of the year brings a bit early. This will give you something to look forward to and help you to avoid any periods of strictly negative emotions. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 5th November 2019

If you self-harm out of feelings of worthlessness you may wish to start recording one thing per day which you are proud of or even just like about yourself. This doesn’t have to be a good deed or even anything special, you could easily be proud of simply being adventurous or reliable. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 4th November 2019

In order to give yourself a sense of control over your life, which many people who self harm desperately need, you must find something which you can place extreme confidence, hope, faith, or certainty in. By recognizing your own deepest held philosophies on life and learning to use them to motivate yourself you will be able to motivate yourself to… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 3rd November 2019

Self-harm becomes extremely hard to overcome if you do not remain motivated therefore you should bare in mind that faith, usually in yourself, is the key to remaining motivated. Good things to bare in mind to maintain this faith include the fact that you are a lot more than some entity which randomly came into existence. Even if you don’t… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 30th October 2019

Sometimes you will simply need to make sure you don’t have anyway of self-harming available to you, as you may need to let your emotions flow freely. Learning to cope without self-harm is a must in order to achieve the goal of getting over your self-harm reliance permanently. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 29th October 2019

Try to find someone you feel able to talk to and who is willing to listen. You do not have to discuss self-harm, or even the things making you want to, you should simply be able to let your guard down when talking to them. This will help fight feelings of isolation which seems to be a common feature of… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 28th October 2019

Life may be hard, but denying parts of it is often much harder. You have to accept your circumstances before you can properly improve them, and that may not be limited to just accepted the fact you have an addiction to self harm you may need help with. It may be necessary for you to accept and face the root… Read more →