Category: Tips

Tip Of The Day – 17th October 2017

Don’t keep sharp objects on your table, and don’t put razors in a close drawer or cupboard. If you do not yet feel able to throw out your tools, try to delay getting to them by keeping them wrapped up tightly and high up on hard-to-reach shelves, and try to distract yourself when you get the urge. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 16th October 2017

It can help to train with others in an activity unrelated to self harm. There are many sports out there which are great for this, and their are also many other types of activity which people train just as intensely at; for example there are massive training cultures around many different video-games. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 12th October 2017

It can help to try to think of yourself as being in the process of beating self-harm rather than as currently trying to beat it. Though it may seem like a small difference you may find that, by viewing it this way you can help yourself to remain determined when you are having a crisis, and it even allows you… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 10th October 2017

People will often tell those who they feel complain too much that they should count their blessings. This is however actually a very good idea, as it becomes increasing difficult to feel bad or put yourself down when you compare your situation to the worst possible ones, rather than the best possible ones. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 9th October 2017

Many people who self-harm have issues processing their own emotions. You can help yourself to process your emotions, and hopefully reduce your urge to self-harm, by mentally ‘scanning’ how your body feels when negative emotions are flaring up. This can include feelings naughts in your chest and other physical manifestations. Read more →