About Us

Stop Self Harm is completely non-profit organisation funded by the profits of the TOFS Group. We launched as a passion project of TOFS in 2010, and we are now a social hub for those suffering with self harm issues and those who have overcome them. logo_

We offer daily quotes, tips and images to help inspire you to stay safe and positive, and work hard using our social media platforms to offer advice to those who need it.

We also offer free, personal advice to anybody suffering with depression or mental health issues via email and social media.

Stop Self Harm also hosts a thriving forum, used by hundreds of users on a regular basis to discuss their stories, along with advice on how to overcome self harming issues and support from friends and health experts.

This year, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary online, and want you to get involved in spreading the word about who we are and what we do. Check back to our website regularly for new posts, quotes, tips and more, and share anything you like via social media. With a little positivity and a few smiles, people really can feel better.

If you’d like more information on what we do, for media enquiries or to make a donation to our charity, please drop us an email.