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Tip Of The Day – 27th July 2020

Some people believe the key to happiness is being able to tell yourself that you are beautiful. Unfortunately a lot of people struggle badly to think of more than five things they like about themselves, so with that in mind try and write six things you like about yourself so that you can realise just how beautiful you really are.… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 26th July 2020

Try to look at events from more positive perspectives. One way to do this is to scan everything for potential good. Some people consider what good could have come in similar events in previous incarnations and some by wondering how gods or angels could be working their life events to their benefits. If you are not comfortable with using spiritualist/hypothetical… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 25th July 2020

When you are addicted to self harm one of the major challenges of quitting can be the feeling you have of being powerless to beat it. But you need to realise that you aren’t. Try to use what power you have to take this one minute at a time, one hour at a time, and one day at a time.… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 24th July 2020

Next time you feel the urge arising to harm yourself, instead use aromatherapy (smells) to help you ground yourself. You can use either perfumes or incense for this, but try to match the smell to your need: Lavender and chamomile are naturally soothing, rosemary, orange, and bergamot can help in lifting a depressed mood, peppermint is normally used for stimulating. Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 23rd July 2020

Next time you feel the need to harm yourself close your eyes and visualise your body in your mind. Try and feel where in your body you seem to be feeling these feelings. Keep searching your body in your mind until you recognize the physical feelings attached to your emotional ones. Visualise those feelings and study your visualization until you… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 21st July 2020

If you self harm because you believe you need to be punished for something then bare in mind that both your emotions, and those of other people, are not something you can directly control. Bare in mind that other people’s lives are not something you can predict, and you should logically analyse if you’ve offended someone. Further IF you actually… Read more →

Tip Of The Day – 19th July 2020

Unless there is something you actually want to do, try and analysis situations for the simpler option. It is far too easy to bring extra stress down on yourself so you should try and remember to always think your options through before you make decisions. (As a side-note: It is wise to take time and avoid making decisions when you… Read more →